Piano Lessons Plus is first and foremost about spreading the love of music making and all the arts for any age.

It’s as much about creating and improvising as well as playing set pieces in all styles.

For the very young, the emphasis is on fun and play. Musical concepts are taught through many aids such as glove puppets, stories, rhythm games, movement, board games and much more!

All students are encouraged to participate in performing opportunities as often as possible including online concerts. There are formal concerts and grass roots music parties where parents join in.

Challenges are provided to develop a broader musical understanding and increase repertoire. This includes such ideas as historical context, aural development, ensemble playing and plenty of listening, singing and dancing outside of lesson times.

Most students participate in the Hal Leonard 40 Piece Challenge as well! This means playing 40 pieces in a year which includes many easier pieces to reinforce skills.

And of course exam preparation is offered for those students who wish to do that.

A new aspect of Piano Lessons Plus is publishing picture books with music themes that contain fun learning experiences for literature, music and drama.

The joy of making music together links us all.